Kuramathi secures Travelife Gold once again

he successful merit comes after an in-depth audit of the resort’s contribution and effort towards sustainability. As this is the 3rd consecutive title conferred by the Travelife group; specific elements of the resort operations had to meet the stringent criteria of waste management, energy and water management, recycling to the welfare of staffing, etc.

Apart from being a splendid choice for honeymooners, families and food connoisseurs, the 1.8km resort island actively contributes to the environment and the natural surroundings thanks to the green initiatives and eco-conscious thinking integrated into the daily operations.

It is crucial to highlight some initiatives by the Eco Centre as well over the years that has been implemented and put into practice. At present, the food and beverage department is undergoing an innovative process to replace single-use plastic straws with biodegradable paper straws, and paper coasters are one project that has paved way for a significant change. Usage of home-made distilled, purified water in glass bottles tackles the consumption of plastic bottles; while electric buggies for commutation limits the utilization of fuel.

The progressive ideas adapt to the changing habits of the world and its major problems pertaining to climate change. As the world gears up for more conservative and sustainable measures to limit the carbon footprint and preserve the beauty of our planet; more and more research is done to play our part to educate, inspire and cultivate and harness the knowledge.

Recently; Kuramathi has also introduced coral-friendly sunscreen lotions to combat the damage of floating chemicals that are detrimental to coral growth. This is part of an intricate drive to encourage and foster guest’s support in using coral friendly products, to protect and upkeep our pristine surroundings.